Your Guide to Vintage Farmhouse

If you've been around for the last 10 years or so you've probably heard the words “Rustic Farmhouse,” “Modern Farmhouse,” or even just “Farmhouse” thrown about in regards to people renovating or redecorating their homes. You probably heard it even more in 2020 as people were forced to spend much more time in their homes due to...well, you know.

What is Farmhouse Exactly?

Farmhouse Style draws inspiration from traditional 16th & 17th farmhouses located in Europe, and is known for its homey and hospitable feeling. Through the use of natural materials, exposed wood accents, neutral color palettes, reclaimed or reused materials, cabinetry throughout the home, large dining tables, comfortable furniture, and well-made antiques or vintage furniture pieces, Farmhouse style has created a style that mixes comfort and cozy with practicality, durability, and timelessness.

Farmhouse can be broken down into 3 main subcategories: Traditional Farmhouse, Rustic Farmhouse, and Modern Farmhouse. These subcategories are often be intermingled or broken down into even more niche categories.


The Main Three

Traditional Farmhouse

traditional farmhouse style updated kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse typically will feature a neutral color palette with a mix and mash of light and dark hues. It features a lot of natural materials, but those materials are often finished either with varnish or paint, and have a very traditional almost colonial feel. It doesn't shy away from colorful accents nor patterns, and uses a lot of metal accents like brass or pewter. This style often is most akin to an actual working farmhouse.

Rustic Farmhouse

rustic farmhouse style table

Rustic Farmhouse similar to Traditional Farmhouse also sports a neutral color palette. However, it differs in that it will often use less patterns and colorful accents. It also focuses on more simplistic furniture pieces, and unfinished natural materials. Cabinetry hardware can be mixed and matched and usually will look “found.”

Modern Farmhouse

 white and wood modern farmhouse style kitchen

Modern Farmhouse, popularized by Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper, has become a staple in many American homes, especially here in the Southeast US. Modern Farmhouse makes ample use of exposed beams, reclaimed shiplap accent walls, and upcycled “distressed” vintage furniture. It combines these elements with clean lines, open floor plans, large dining tables, modern appliances and light fixtures, and really light neutral color palettes. Hardware through the home is often very modern and minimalist except when being used as an accent. “Live, Laugh, Love” signs are often used as decor.


Using Vintage & Antique Furniture Pieces in Your Farmhouse Update

If you're looking to update your home and incorporate a farmhouse feel, antique malls like Standpipe Antiques are a great place to start. We offer lots of beautiful, quality vintage or antique pieces that have withstood the test of time.


According to Becky Shea, in an interview with Architectural Digest, Farmhouse “ really about a lifestyle and bringing that simpler, clean aestheic to a home, and really focusing on what matters the most.” Which in the Southeast US, where Standpipe Antiques is located includes family. Southern families really put an emphasis on dining together, so of course you need a cute dining table. We feature a lot of great dining table sets, but our favorite is this cute up-cycled green one.


Custom Painted Green and Wood Farmhouse Dining set with 4 chairs and a floral display


It features that classic simple, but sturdy farmhouse feel, while adding a great pop of color. It's a unique, and adorable piece that offers a twist on your usual farmhouse expectations.

Close up of custom painted wood dining set chair

Of course, no dining room is complete without a hutch. A hutch is a furniture piece often featuring both closed and open cabinets. These pieces can be used to store your fine china or can have adorable carefully curated décor pieces that help express who you are.





A popular piece that people love to have in their farmhouse style kitchens are pie safes. Pie safes are hard to keep in stock, but are a gorgeous piece of furniture that was popular before iceboxes and refrigeration. People would store pies, meats, and other perishables and protect them from outside contaminants.

They're often characterized by punched tin panels. Some feature just a regular pattern like this one.

pie safe open pie safe


Others would have designs punched into them to make them more decorative and ornamental like the one below.

Decorative Punch Pattern Pie Safe

The holes in tin or copper panels, or screens would help air circulate to prevent food from spoiling and keeping it fresher for longer.

Decorative Pie Safe Doors Open

Other popular pieces found in Farmhouse style kitchens is cast-iron pans which are functional as well as beautiful if well-kept. We have plenty of pre-loved cast-iron which can be refurbished into a functional piece in your kitchen or to serve as a wall ornament.

cast iron pans hanging on a wire wall



Rocking chairs are a classic in farmhouse homes. Whether a mother soothing her child or a old lady sitting knitting or an uncle snoring away, rocking chairs have secured a spot. In addition to their traditional place in farmhouse style, they also still provide a soothing place to sit. A simple rocking chair with decorative pillows acting as cushions can add a perfect and comfy spot in your living room.

classic wood rocking chair

We have a lot of classic styles to choose from here at Standpipe, and a few more eclectic styles if you're looking to mix up your existing Farmhouse styled living room.

array of rocking chairs with one holding vintage Raggedy Anne & Raggedy Andy dolls

Sofas and armchairs are also a great way to add a farmhouse touch to your space. A comfortable couch or armchair with a simple but classic silhouette in a fun floral-like pattern can really evoke a cozy whimsy to a space. A small but bold pop of color in a neutral palette will be sure to get your friends and family complimenting your decorating space.

 patterned sofa

close up of patterned fabricblue & white patterned arm chair


Another great touch if you're not quite ready to dive head-first into the style is updating some of your styling décor. Rustic items like this wooden dough bowl is a great subtle touch to complement a table or mantle.

hand-carved wooden dough bowl

Farm signs as wall décor can make a more obvious style statement.

 Metal farm sign that has image of a pig and says "Fully Belly Farms"

And cute hand-made items that denote farm animals or other traditional elements can provide that perfect artisan touch like this little farm animal sculpture.

hand-made clay ceramic sculpture with cow, bird, chicken, pig, and piglet

dry goods crock containers with vintage letteringtin country dry-goods storage containers
wooden dry goods storage containers with fruit image

What it Boils Down to

Regardless of what the trends for farmhouse are, it's possible to create a cute cozy space while connecting to that agrarian way of life and brining some of that rural charm into your home. Standpipe Antiques offers a lot of classic pieces and a few re-imagined pieces. Regardless of what you're looking for, we have something that will match your style perfectly.


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