Plenty of Pets: Our Dog Adoption Event with Anderson County PAWS

Thanks for coming!


We want to thank Anderson County PAWS for coming out on June 20th. They brought 3 of the most adorable dogs out. The dogs got a chance to get out of the shelter kennels, stretch their legs, and get attention from some strangers.

Donation Success

Leading up to the event, we set up a cart to take donations for the shelter. We were so happy to receive some much needed supplies for them. From treats, to towels, to pet carriers, to toys, to blankets, and more, it was wonderful seeing the generosity of our community.

Still want to donate?

Anderson County PAWS can always use assistance in getting the necessary items to properly care for the animals in their charge. If you wish to donate, you can do so by donating directly to their PayPal or purchasing something from their Amazon Wishlist.


Meet the Dogs

Lil' Bubba

Lil' Bubba is the sweetest boy you could meet. He immediately wanted to be everyone's best friend because that means he gets all the pets. A truly wonderful and respectable young pup who's doing great with all of the other shelter dogs during play group.


Moxie's got plenty of it! This little girl likes to take things slow because the world is a lot bigger than her and sometimes scary, but she'll quickly win your heart. Give her attention by showing her some love, and she'll show you her affectionate personality.


Darla is all smiles! She's a little nervous, but loved being loved on by our staff. She's very much a hound dog from sniffing out treats in a pocket, to shedding on everything, to melting in your arms when you rub her ears. This pretty girl will win your heart.


Still Searching for a Forever Home

Sadly, none of these lovely pups got adopted at the event. However, at the time of writing this, they are still available.

If you're interested in one of these pups, we encourage you to reach out to Anderson County PAWS for more information about the adoption process.

More Information

Check out Anderson County PAWS to learn more about what they do or follow them on social media!

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